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Why, hello there! I'm Holly.

If you need encouragement with a healthy side of laughs and a few sarcastic comments, then I’m your gal and you’re in the right place. We should be the very bestest of friends!
If you’re overwhelmed or feeling like you aren’t enough, you are wrong. But, good news, you aren’t alone. In my work as a writer and speaker, I focus on the dirty, messy parts of life because we’ve all got ‘em! Encouraging others is my call. Let’s talk big dreams and successes without leaving out the hardships and sometimes funny flops that come with being a woman. I believe that community, empathy, and the ability to cut one another (and ourselves) a break, with an understanding laugh, can truly save the world.
We’re all doing the best we can at crushing this life thing. Let’s encourage one another. I’ll show you my mess if you show me yours. Just kidding. I’m gonna show you my mess, no matter what. I don’t share just the highlight reel. Come on over and take a seat at my online kitchen table. Let me encourage you.
Thanks for hanging out with me!




Writer - Speaker - Minivan Matriarch
Relatable and Sarcastic, Professional Encourager
(if that were a real thing)
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