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Hello, I'm Holly!

Holly Rutchik, M.A., (Minivan Matriarch) is an inspirational and humor writer, columnist
and speaker whose work has appeared in magazines, websites and books, both locally
and nationally. She has contributed to book anthologies, including the Cup of Comfort
series and the best-selling I Just Want to Pee Alone and Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Holly is the columnist behind Minivan Matriarch, a slice-of-(real)-life column centered
around the messiness of motherhood, and OverBOOKed, a book recommendation
column for those who think they’re too busy to read.

Holly uses her trademark self-deprecating humor and relatability to encourage others.
Additionally, she has spoken for teens, women, church groups and companies, covering
subjects like humor, encouragement, suffering and motherhood. She believes in using
words for encouragement.

Holly is awkward and inappropriate when nervous… and self-promotion makes her
nervous! Her favorite pastimes include not having to set an alarm, being sarcastic at
the wrong times, helping people fix their lives whilst ignoring the problems of her own
and delusionally clutching to her youth. Holly's daydreams include being a producer of a
reality television show (Teen Mom, waiting on your call!), becoming a Broadway star (on
and offstage), and writing while eating takeout in a windowless writers’ room in the
middle of the night (in NYC or LA). Her girl gang includes BFFs Mindy Kailing, Kelly
Corrigan and Tina Fey, none of whom she has met in real life.

Holly does her best writing while hibernating. She tends to ghost the world and take to
her bed a few times a year. Still, she hopes to tour the country with her face on the side
of a bus (as long as that bus has a bed).

The floor of Holly’s minivan is littered with books, magazines, journals and coloring
pages, only some of which belong to her five young children. She lives in Wisconsin
with Mr. Minivan Matriarch and her million kids.

Holly Rutchik

Minivan Matriarch

Come hang out with me on social media!  We'll laugh, cry and encourage one another.

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