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Joseph's Journey

The world keeps turning, regardless of what’s going on in the personal lives of its inhabitants. This perpetual turning helps to define both the splendor and cruelty of life.


The One Where The Rutchiks Share Some Bad News

On the evening of June 15 Joseph asked me to take him to the ER after a few days of increased difficulty breathing and some developing chest pressure. We thought he was having an asthma/heart attack. Due to his connective tissue disorder (Loeys-Dietz Syndrome) CT imaging was performed to rule out aneurisms – a common complication in patients with LDS.

Joseph’s cancer diagnosis came as a shock to us.

Hospital Dates and the Souvenirs of Life

We do believe that suffering has a divine purpose, and we’ve been gifted with the opportunity to pray and discuss this together as a couple over the past weeks. It is painful for me to watch Joseph suffer in such a real way. It is also such an honor to witness him working through the faith he holds as he discovers it in reality and not as a hypothetical. 

Life Is Beautiful

Like all great stories, ours is a chiasmus. A pattern, a circle that starts again and again. Like the rings we wear as a symbol of our marriage. Patterns are used in storytelling because they can bring us comfort and reassurance. They can also terrify us and scare us straight. We’ve had a season or two in our life where we’ve felt like hamsters running on a wheel. Giving life all we’ve got just to go nowhere.

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