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OverBOOKed June 2020

Too busy to read? Studies show those who read live longer and are smarter! Carve out some time in your busy schedule for some SHELFcare. We’ve curated a list for those who don’t have time to pick a book!

Normal People By Sally Rooney

If you’re in the mood for: Coming of age, economic class dynamics, a literary read, all-consuming love

NOW A HULU ORIGINAL SERIES… but promise to read the book first!

Normal People is a story of undefinable allure, friendship, love and what it means to be “family” to someone.

Connell and Marianne are two young people raised in the same location with very different experiences. Loner Marianne is from a wealthy family; socially popular Connell is the son of a working-class single mother who works as a housekeeper for Marianne’s family.

In their small countryside town, the two teens share a secret romance. When they cross paths again in a Dublin college, their social roles have reversed. Free from her stifling family structure, Marianne blossoms. Meanwhile, Connell struggles to find his footing outside the comforts of the social structures he’s always known.

With her sophomore book, Rooney emerges as a standout millennial author. Her distinct voice, subtle commentary on class, and innovative use of dialogue all set her up as a literary voice to watch.

Normal People is the literary equivalent of a satisfying meal that’s meant to be savored – but too good not to consume quickly.


The Knockout Queen By Rufi Thorpe

If you’re in the mood for: An examination of the human condition, the meaning of true friendship, family dynamics, breaking familial abusive cycles

A pair of misfit teens. An unbreakable friendship. A traumatic event at the hands of a true friend.

The Knockout Queen examines how to continue loving someone who is capable of bad things. Sensitive Michael goes to live with his aunt when his mother is sent to prison. He befriends the athletic and rich (though somewhat awkward) girl next door.

Thorpe creates characters that humanize how pain is passed down in families, how it can manifest within people, and the role it plays in what ultimately motivate us all.

By the end, you’ll question if you can accept the truly dark parts of those you love.

Although this is a story about teens, OverBOOKed recommends it only for mature readers due to serious themes of identity, violence and abuse. Nevertheless, The Knockout Queen is a heavy read worth it’s emotional weight.


A Good Marriage By Kimberly McCreight

If you’re in the mood for: A thrilling mystery, a page-turner, keeping up appearances

Lizzie Kitsakis is a busy lawyer who seemingly has all she ever wanted. But does she? Late one evening, she gets a call from an old friend, Zach Grayson. Zach’s wife Amanda has been found dead in their home, and he is the suspect.

As Lizzie learns more about Zach and Amanda’s seemingly perfect life, she starts to see the cracks in her own life: her marriage, her friends, her community. A Good Marriage is a the next domestic thriller for fans of Big Little Lies. The twists and turns will prompt readers to ponder what we don’t see (or what we choose not to see) in our own lives.

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