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OverBOOKed January 2020

Too busy to read? Studies show those who read live longer and are smarter! Carve out some time in your busy schedule for some SHELFcare. We’ve curated a list for those who don’t have time to pick a book!

The Wives By Tarryn Fisher

If you’re in the mood for: thrilling suspense, a headscratcher, altered reality, a page-turner

Thursday is crazy about her husband, Seth. The one hiccup? He has two additional wives, whom she’s never met and isn’t allowed to know anything about. Her world changes one night while doing laundry when she finds a slip of paper in her husband’s pants. The paper has a name on it, and the decisions Thursday makes after reading this name throw her, and the reader, into a twisted adventure of love. How much would you put up with for the person you love? What if the more you found, the more dangerous the quest? Readers need to suspend belief a bit to go along for the ride but will do so willingly.


The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying

By Nina Riggs

If you’re in the mood for: What’s important in life, inspiration to enjoy and document the “everyday” of life, considering your mortality, a tip-toe of poetry, Puffy eyes (you will bawl)

Open the diary, heart and soul of a woman in the busiest season of her life. Career, love, family.

Follow Nina as she deals with one of our biggest fears – how does one keep life and a family going after hearing those two dreaded words, “it’s cancer.” Riggs (a decedent of Ralph Waldo Emerson) uses the prose and poetry of legendary poets throughout her text. She uses these lines at pivotal moments in her coming to terms with life, suffering and mortality in everyday and life and eventually – how to live with intention in The Bright Hour – when everything is lovely, and simultaneously slipping away.


How to Walk Away By Katherine Center

If you’re in the mood for: A story of resilience, secrets, imperfectly perfect families, a warm, “rom-com” feel-good story

It should have been the best day of Margaret Jacobsen’s life. On the presuppose of a dream job and engagement just around the corner, Margaret was on the brink of all of her dream coming true. Then, a tragic (and avoidable) accident occurs that changes the course of her life. How to Walk Away chips away at the core of what resilience really means and questions if one must thrive to survive. A great book for a trip, gift or and escape, this book will have you looking for your own silver linings and asking your own life “What If” questions.


A Place For Us By Fatima Farheen Mirza

If you’re in the mood for: a family saga, the true meaning of love, a relational mystery, REAL family life

An Indian- American Muslim family fights to straddle the cultural divide within their own family as they deal with those who want to rebel against the core of what others believes define them. An emotional mystery, A Place For Us follows a family as they search for whom to blame for the estrangement of a family member, and eventually, what meaning fault holds within a family. This book will have you wondering what unconditional love really means in your heart and in your family.


Love and Ruin By Paula McLain

If you’re in the mood for: Volatile dynamics, a war story, professional rivalry, unconventional heroine

In best-selling author Paula McLain’s follow-up to The Paris Wife she weaves a tale of Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, Martha Gellgorn, as she paves her professional way as a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War. McLain is at her best. She has created a heroine that manages to be both brilliantly brave and vulnerable as she navigates the effects of professional success on her career and her relationship with a jealous man. This one is sure to inspire the conviction of any reader.

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